Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dr. Gretchen O'connel Dreigers mad, mad segue into latter day

Now there is a reason for this supernova of curiosity, 
this colossal change in thinking. 
We have done something that has run a course 
against nature. 

What is it? When did this magical wave of 
mind revolution begin? We have such a ball 
breaking our own records but we also seem to have
found more to victory than trophies, ribbons, oscars 
and nobel prizes. 

We have leapt into the pure mathematical 
conundrum of existence. It is logical to think 
we do this for money "just to pay the mortgage." 
It is rational to think we are just paying off our student loans.

But is it absurd to think we are paying our debt to nature? 

We have fucked miss mother nature three ways from Tuesday
and now she has found her vengeance; and not via destruction, but 
through an evolution of her destructor. We think we are "soul-searchers?"
Well then she is a doctor of the proverbial 

It is a parody of sincerity. We no longer look at the 
absurd with immediate dismissal. We find meaning 
in its absurdity. We find hope in its possible

We go see doctors for advice and then go against
their recommendations. We have lawyers to tell us where the 
line of the law is drawn and then we jump over that scandal
with a soulful bounding leap. 

We take pills that bend our mind,
loosen our muscles, leave us unable to operate a vehicle,
and discover truths about the abstract. The prescription is the new 
inscription in our minds that it is still viable to look outside that wicked box.
And if we aren't up on pills, down in drunk, ecstasy expanding, or hovering holy 
hallucinations, we are invariably getting high on one thing–

Putting the fingertips of our 
mind on the intangible. 

The days of tactile philosophy are abound. 

The will to "look beyond the 
precipice." How natural indeed. 

There it is. The natural forces of the univers flooring the 
pedal of our imagination; driving new madness into the minds of millions 
just to get us "thinking differently."

Though I know Bob Dylan wasn't talking necessarily about this, we are still 
indeed "only a pawn in the game." 

None the less–

   We are on to something... 

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