Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playful Pity Parade

Southern disregard & 
ancient antihistamines 
tossed out loose 
pocketbooks in 
nose deep charades.

Arch ripple shit-fang 
dipping demeanor in dismissed 
mistletoe. Distracting perverse powerhead. 

Linked possible tooth 
bones' & extract cones 
place peeping tim 
in out-based symmetry. 

Electric vines tear 
terra cotta change dome 
like Wichita. 

Heaving glass stone
down nice trivial bogus 

Choose tangy pride 
inside dobermans 
vexing charm & listen 
for earmarks, ignore

wasted silence approving 
heroine; lest quantum leaps  
jump simple yoga happy
jeep pier's perplexing booze-snooze 
only on second Sunday of the week. 

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