Thursday, September 29, 2011

Escaping the Eastern Moonlight

Driving up the road//

  //Head hanging far to the right:
                 Life's more exciting
                 when your three
                 streets to the win.

Texas roads: 

                  Long, straight, 

...lined with cacti pointing three ways to heaven. 

Albeit, which way
is up? 

                         Australia might beg
                         to differ with Texas.

These black
lines are the only way to find 
out what those Aussies think.  

                        (not the roads)// 

                     //Letters and punctuation():():

These slake the eyes, and tame the teeth. 
Pacify the tongue and boss the ears. 

Only around the silhouette 
cast by the moon 
will you see the silver lining of 
a divine pen. 


                           ||Hitting 90 now.....
                           The cacti are now blurs of green 
                           walls. Mountains 
                           have turned and into 
                           clouds of brown and 

Hold on... the West no 
longer calls:
                                       - it screams- 


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